I have been supported and nourished by a formal yoga practice for 20 years, and teaching meditation and postural yoga since 2005.

I have a multidimensional approach to teaching, and am passionate about supporting women in their total well-being. My interest in the therapeutic potential of yoga to assist populations that have experienced trauma was strengthened by my time working in Rwanda in 2008/2009 for a medical NGO; teaching yoga as an adjunct to HIV treatment and psychological support for female survivors of the ’94 genocide. In 2017, I started Movement for Healing, a programme that offers yoga to survivors of sexual trauma as a natural expansion of the work I have been doing with private clients over the last decade. It’s core ethos is to provide a woman-centred and survivor-led space in which women in the community can access yoga to support their daily lives.

My approach to yoga support is informed by my training in women’s yoga therapy, yoga nidra (iRest), restorative yoga and trauma-inclusivity.

My lived experience as a woman of colour, a mother, a survivor and a long-time yoga practitioner have informed my belief that yoga should be an inclusive healing practice available to everyone.

My own yoga practice is influenced by many paths. I have found steadiness from the repetition and consistency of the self-practice Astanga form, I am nourished  and supported by restorative and women-honouring rituals of movement and breath, and constantly welcomed back to myself through my yoga nidra meditation practise. Yoga provides a framework of stability, healing, and cognitive enquiry for me and serves as an anchor to support my practice of Motherhood and Human Being. I was born in Manila, raised in Sydney, and now reside and teach in London.