Movement for Healing

Movement for Healing is a grass roots programme dedicated to supporting female survivors of gender based violence through a yoga framework that is sensitive to a woman’s lived reality. Challenging or overwhelming experiences may leave imprints that make it difficult for survivors to feel at home in their body.

Movement for Healing’s approach to yoga offers an opportunity for women to re-visit a somatic connection within themselves through gentle movement, breathing and guided meditation. Yoga can offer an adjunct to clinical or psychotherapy treatment, however, many cases of sexual assault go unreported and many women do not seek the support of crises centres and support agencies. Some women may not have disclosed their experience to anyone. A staggering 85% of those who experience sexual violence in England and Wales do not report to the police**.

Movement for Healing was created as a response for survivor-led and trauma aware yoga practices and spaces that women in the community – who cannot access yoga studio classes – can feel welcomed. Its ethos is to provide a safe, non-judgmental, women-centred, and respectful environment in which survivors can begin to explore the possibility of befriending, restoring and reclaiming themselves. Where violence against a woman creates an existential crisis, yoga practices can provide pathways of healing and move closer to a felt sense of stability, self-identity and wholeness regardless of religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs.


Practice: First and foremost, Movement for Healing serves as a crucible for women-centred, survivor-led and trauma-informed yoga practices. I offer services privately and to women-centred sexual violence support and prevention organisations.

If you are a women-centred advocacy or support group, please feel free to connect for more information or collaboration. Let’s talk.

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Workshops for Yoga Teachers: Movement for Healing provides perspectives and considerations for yoga teachers on how to create a more trauma-informed framework for a sexual violence population in general yoga classes. View scheduled workshops coming up.

For yoga education providers, please contact me here to discuss module options.

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* Movement for Healing is not a talk-therapy. Survivors are not asked to share their personal experiences.

** Statistics provided by Rape Crisis. These figures come from An Overview of Sexual Offending in England and Wales, the first ever joint official statistics bulletin on sexual violence released by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Home Office in January 2013.